1,000 Drinking Games

Kheper Games

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1,000 Drinking Games combines rounds of classic and new drinking games with off-the-wall plot twists and a variety of drink assignments. This set includes all of the popular drinking concepts: dice games, card games, word games, tongue twisters, spinner games, categories, ranking-based games, etc. Players can enjoy their favorite games over and over or learn a new game each time they play.
Product Details:
  • Realistic: No
  • Size/Circumference: 0.000
  • Special Features: Includes: 10 game concept cards, 10 plot twist cards, 10 next round cards, 1 category card, 1 tougue twister card, 11 numerical rank cards, 2 chug cards, 1 spinner, 2 regular dice, 1 drink assignment, die and easy to follow instructions.

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